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How Graphic Designers Can Make Money Online: MasterBundles case

Let’s start with pleasant news for all those who want to master graphic design or those who are experienced in it and would like to scale in this area – there is a huge demand for digital art products all over the world and it’s constantly growing.

As illustrators, we do not live by one job in the office. This article contains options for both a part-time job or a hobby and full self-realization on freelance. We’re going to speak about profiting from online graphic design marketplaces and use MasterBundles as one of the most fast-growing and promising examples.

How Graphic Designers Can Make Money Online

A Marketplace with a True Designer Soul

There is a stereotype that a beginner-level designer will not be able to make a stable profit right away. And this myth is completely debunked by an international marketplace, MasterBundles, created in 2016 for graphic, web, and UI/UX designers as well as photographers and quality-content seekers and creators.

The main feature of the resource is the idea of combining digital products into bundles and selling them as a set. Every day there are 7000+ bundles of graphic content to purchase, and around 115000 pieces have already been sold since the first days of MasterBundles.

The company has impressively grown through the years. Speaking about team and their mission, MasterBundles strives to prove that cooperation with the marketplace can be equally beneficial both for vendors whose materials are presented on it and for customers looking for a spectacular visual.

Currently, the number of creators who have joined the platform is growing rapidly and it’s more than 4500 professionals. Still, it’s quite a light competition for designers on a world scale, so joining MasterBundles now can easily bring you to the TOP of best-selling designers on the resource.

What are Your Benefits from MasterBundles?

– Your scale is a whole world!

Being a part of a marketplace as a graphic designer you’ll be able to expand your horizons and show your work to the world.

– Upload your product once, and it will be sold for an unlimited amount of time.

Getting done the work on one product doesn’t mean you’ll receive the money for it only one time! People can buy it every day dozens of times. It’s a great idea o a passive income.

– Simple and quick process of uploading your products to the resource

You can start selling digital designs and earning money in 24 hours. All you need is a decision to start and up to 15 minutes of your time.

– Your price is only your choice!

On MasterBundles you are not regulated in pricing. So, there are no scopes in your idea of making money online.

– It’s your online portfolio that brings profit and constantly sells your works

MasterBundles is a convenient platform to place your graphic portfolio, but unlike other online designer catalogs, your works here will bring you money and not only reviews.

How to Become a Vendor on MasterBundles?

To be a part of the community that inspires others to create designs you need to select your best pieces of graphics. Here we’ve gathered several questions you need to answer to form your personal vendor strategy.

What are your strongest skills in digital illustration?

Are you experienced in creating fun fonts or classic fonts? Maybe, you’d love to boom with bright backgrounds or icons? Think of your favorite type of graphics and of ideas for making it competitive on the market. It can be a very specific niche like the italic type of fonts, and you’ll bring something new to the table for the lovers of handwritten fonts on MsterBundles.

Which of your works can be combined into bundles by theme, style, or purpose?

Since it’s the feature of the platform, you’ll move to the top quicker with not only single products but bundles also. Think of a creative topic for your bundle: “5 frightful Halloween backgrounds” or “10 fonts to make your website stand out”, for example. The name of a bundle must catch an eye and gain interest to differ from the others.

Is there any piece you can provide for free with a bundle to promote it?

By giving 1 free item you’ll direct customers’ interest to all of the graphics you offer. Once uploaded from you for free, your clients will be back for your paid products as well because they will already trust your work. It’s an effective strategy that is used on MasterBundles a lot. To see what products are offered for free check the category “Free Deals” in the main menu.

On the platform vendors have a huge competition element called vendor rating.

Here are the top sellers of the resource which are rated by a special quality index. Since the index has a complicated formula, you’ll never know what brings you to the top. Will it be a client’s review, a number of downloads, or a number of your works that are placed on the platform? You’ll need to drop in to find out.

How to Start Selling Graphics on MasterBundles?

To join those who already receive income from online illustration sales and sell your graphic design on this thriving marketplace, you need to make several easy formal steps:

  • create or choose a picture to be the preview of your product and upload it;
  • do the basic SEO work for your product: choose a category, add a title, a description, and tags which will help to find your work on the marketplace;
  • fill out the price section. There are several types of prices to offer differentiated pricing. Or you can try an option of auto pricing when MasterBundles will generate a price based on all the possible criteria: the category, similar works on the website, other vendors’ prices, the demand, etc. To upload a free promotional product you need to set it in this section also.

As you see, it’s really easy to become an author and a vendor of your content on MasterBundles and start earning even on the products you created years ago! Your every piece of content becomes a valuable asset and gives you a pleasant passive income.

In Conclusion

To monetize your designs, you need to not only create graphics but also promote your portfolio. And there is no better place than a marketplace that solves this problem automatically.

As an ambitious graphic design platform, MasterBundles offers you a ready-made profitable instrument for your additional monthly earnings. The amount of profit can grow and its limit does not exist! Just be creative, and constantly improve your skills. Wish you luck and inspiration!

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