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Fresh Flat Website Design – 15 New Designs

Flat design website designs inspired by modern flat style and with a great responsive design. A beautiful collection of creative  HTML5 websites for your inspiration. Websites are imperative to prove the potential of your business; however your website should be such that it is accessible from almost any device.  Some designers work very hard to create something more unique then a traditional website design.

Fresh Flat Website Design – 15 New Designs

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Renate Rechner By Daniel Spatzek

Renate Rechner is an austrian psychologist with a focus on positive psychology. Her official website is an unique experience based on the slogan “CHANGE YOUR PERSPECTIVE”.

Fresh Flat Website Designs – 1

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The new website of CLEVER°FRANKE, a design agency that combines strategy, design & technology to create data driven tools and experiences that enable change.

Fresh Flat Website Designs – 2

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Condé Nast By Wondersauce

Condé Nast – End Of Year 2015

Fresh Flat Website Designs – 3

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Parcours Canada By Locomotive

Parcours Canada specializes in custom-made trips for individuals, families and couples in Canada. Its local and passionate team helps you build the perfect experience for you.

Fresh Flat Website Designs – 4

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Tati Express By Femme Fatale Studio

Dive into the world of Jacques Tati, the most inventive French filmmaker.

Fresh Flat Website Designs – 5

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Riiot Labs By Dogstudio

Blue, the smart pool analyzer and its smartphone app help you look after your pool 24/7, even if you are away. No more uncertainty about what is happening in your pool.

Fresh Flat Website Designs – 6

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Draw a better 2016 By Christian MacMillan

Draw a better 2016 is a charitable project designed to accomplish two main goals. The first one is to try to make those children, who are not as lucky as we were, have a little reason to smile during and after this Christmas. The other one is to try to make it so that you, me, and everyone, understands that if we go for it with a good attitude, some motivation and passion, this 2016 can be the best year of our lives.

Fresh Flat Website Designs – 7

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Trefecta By Build in Amsterdam

Every part of the Trefecta e-bike is hand built to perfection. Build in Amsterdam strived to do the same when creating their e-commerce platform.

Fresh Flat Website Designs – 8

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Holm Marcher & Co By Great Works Copenhagen

Holm Marcher & Co., a headhunting agency, asked us to create a website that would engage and excite talent, especially within the creative industry.

Fresh Flat Website Designs – 9

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Acme World By Immersive Garden

Discover the corporate website for « Acme World », the international provider of industrial solutions.

Fresh Flat Website Designs – 10

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Found Them First By stinkdigital

This Spotify experiment uses listener data to reveal how many of today’s top artists you got to early.

Fresh Flat Website Designs – 11

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Trip inspiration — Lyon Airport By Akaru

You dream about holidays but you don’t know where to go? This inspiration engine is made for you! Just easily pick some features & it find destination for you. Enjoy!

Fresh Flat Website Designs – 12

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Eginstill By Build in Amsterdam

A good website doesn’t have to be grotesque. With the concept of a “minimalistic one-pager” we were still able to fully express the identity of Eginstill.

Fresh Flat Website Designs – 13

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Pierre Georges — Nerval By Pierre Georges — Nerval

Pierre Georges — Nerval portfolio / Interaction designer

Fresh Flat Website Designs – 14

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Rokivo By Rokivo

Rokivo is a digital experience design company with roots in Italy and San Francisco.

Fresh Flat Website Designs – 15

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John is an American freelance UI/UX graphic designer and has been working in this field for 5 years. He also writes for other blogs, His biggest passion is blogging and loves all things design and technology. You can follow him on Twitter


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