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IM Free – Get High Quality Stock Images for Free

We are getting sick and tired with costly stock photos. Stock imagery is stale and lacks precious authenticity. Besides, finding the perfect photo is a huge challenge, because all agencies store tons of items – more than you’ll ever be able to go through at your own pace. In addition, most stock photos out there are a complete waste of your time, because they’re horrid. On the other hand, the few decent-looking photos are in high demand, and they have already been used much too frequently.

It’s high time someone made good stock photos a freely available resource. You see, we believe in a model whereby real photos are well within your reach whenever you need them. So does IMCreator, a popular website builder who took the extra step to help passionate designers achieve their creative goals. It launched IM Free, or as we like to call it, the free stock photo central.

IM Free Stock Images

IM Free uproots the established microstock tradition. It’s an expansive collection that curates loads of spectacular photos captured by professional photographers, and gives complete control over any of them without charging you a single penny. In other words, this is not stock photography as you know it, but rather as it should have been all along.

All photos originate from Flickr and are subject to a creative commons attribution license. This means that you are welcomed to take as many as you want, as long as you give proper credit where it’s due – this being the only way to keep the new model going. More and more photographers choose to lend their works in this manner, because it definitely builds a great reputation, not to mention that it draws attention to the high quality of their work.

Anyone can access IM Free. You will notice that the images have been organized in various categories, according to topic, style, and purpose. This structure serves to cut your quest short. So does the search box placed at the top of each page, where you can type in keywords and find your ideal photo in the blink of an eye. Depending on what you need at a given moment, have a look at the collection of Ambient works that go perfectly as website backgrounds, or classy BW and Business photos. Be sure to also check out the personal, emotionally charged items from the People collection, and the fresh ones encased in Nature.

IM Free will soon be integrated on IMCreator’s page editor, so whenever its users want to get a website up and running in the near future, they will have an abundant source of fine-looking images close at hand.

Check out some delightful extracts taken from this rich collection:

Michigan City Dune Grass by Steve A Johnson
Michigan City Dune Grass by Steve A Johnson
Shaka Ponk Faate de l’Humanita 2012 by didy bShaka Ponk Faate de l’Humanita 2012 by didy b
Toshiba Laptop by garryknightToshiba Laptop by garryknight
Untitled by Thomas LeuthardUntitled by Thomas Leuthard
crossing by Robert S. Donovancrossing by Robert S. Donovan
Clever Girl by liqueneClever Girl by liquene
Charlotte G by Fervent-adepte-de-la-modeCharlotte G by Fervent-adepte-de-la-mode
Cherries by Stuart WebsterCherries by Stuart Webster
Tropea, beach by piervixTropea, beach by piervix
the noble stand by greg westfall
The noble stand by greg westfall
Bokehlicious Beck’s Beer! by 55Laney69Bokehlicious Beck’s Beer! by 55Laney69
VFS Makeup Design Students Display Halloween Makeup on Urban Rush by vancouverfilmschool
VFS Makeup Design Students Display Halloween Makeup on Urban Rush by vancouverfilmschool
Ice Cream… by Thomas Leuthard
Ice Cream… by Thomas Leuthard
Adam Jones by Keith AllisonAdam Jones by Keith Allison
The Red Arrows by wwarby
The Red Arrows by wwarby
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