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38 Fresh Examples Of Websites Using HTML5/CSS3

Simple and clean but professional design websites using the latest HTML5 techniques. With a responsive design it is easily usable with any device (Desktop, tablet, mobile phone…), without removing any content!

HTML5 is making the web design more powerful in different areas. Fast, Secure, Responsive, Interactive, beautiful. We all know HTML5 and CSS3 become more popular in these days. So for your inspiration We are gathered 38 examples of HTML5 websites. This is a collection of beautiful and inspiring web designs that feature only HTML5 and responsive websites.

Websites Using HTML5 trends

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HTML5 Websites Design for Inspiration

Check out our earlier published some useful web design related articles dark color in web designsingle page web designecommerce web design showcase of design inspiration. Let’s take a quick look at some fresh examples of websites using latest HTML5 anc CSS3 trends.

Play Dot To Dot

Play Dot To Dot! It’s the most fun you can have with your pants on!

 HTML5/CSS3 Websites - 1

Website Link

Bienville Capital Management

Utilizing HTML5 and CSS3 to create clean, easy navigation of a new site for NYC investment firm Bienville Capital Management. The tilt shift video stunningly portrays the unique perspective…

 HTML5/CSS3 Websites - 2

Website Link

Red Fish Apparel

Red Fish Apparel is formed by a group of Hong Kong designers and college students. Our dream is to build a fashion brand that features unique Hong Kong designs. As globalization marches…

 HTML5/CSS3 Websites - 3

Website Link

Trask Industries

Everyone knows that giant robot Sentinels have been protecting us from mutants for 50 years, but what else does Trask Industries do? tells that story.

 HTML5/CSS3 Websites - 4

Website Link


Digital marketing agency in the UK who work with companies like British Airways, Nestlé, Hisense and NSF. A technically innovative group of strategists, designers and developers.

 HTML5/CSS3 Websites - 5

Website Link

neotokio! summer edition

 HTML5/CSS3 Websites - 6

Website Link


Transport yourself to the virtual world of mediaBOOM, an award-winning digital advertising agency in Guilford, CT. The website features case studies and a 3D reel.

 HTML5/CSS3 Websites - 7

Website Link

Jobs is free

French website of the JOBS movie in partnership with Free

 HTML5/CSS3 Websites - 8

Website Link

The Power Inside

All those mustaches you’ve seen cropping up on the upper lips of men everywhere aren’t just a case of fashion gone wrong. Intel/Toshiba believe it’s a sign of something more sinister: an…

 HTML5/CSS3 Websites - 9

Website Link


 HTML5/CSS3 Websites - 10

Website Link

KathArt Interactive – take the tour

Experience an interactive tour of award winning digital design agency KathArt Interactices Copenhagen office.

 HTML5/CSS3 Websites - 11

Website Link


Submarine Channel produced 4 animated trailers for e-books by Dutch thriller author Charles Den Tex. Each trailer is made by an upcoming Dutch artist. Friend is interactive and plays in…

 HTML5/CSS3 Websites - 12

Website Link

Lexus: Amazing In Motion

Lexus: Amazing In Motion is set on a parallax website and built using HTML5, allowing visitors to scroll through and immerse themselves in the experience of how Lexus brought the human mannequins…

 HTML5/CSS3 Websites - 13

Website Link

Andreas Smetana

A new portfolio site for one of the world’s leading advertising photographers, Andreas Smetana, utilising WebGL. Best experienced in Google Chrome

 HTML5/CSS3 Websites - 14

Website Link

Agence Interactive

Digital and agile agency: we help the visibility and performances of the enterprises, brands and government agencies on interactive media.

 HTML5/CSS3 Websites - 15

Website Link

GTi is back! New Peugeot 208GTi

GTi is back! Explore the new Peugeot 208 GTi, feel the wheel, hear it roar. Configure your own model in the background of your choosing or browse through the epic history of GTi models.

 HTML5/CSS3 Websites - 16

Website Link

Collector for Windows Phone

Collector is the best news-reader and feed-aggregating app for Windows Phone

 HTML5/CSS3 Websites - 17

Website Link

adidas Retail Careers

At adidas Group, it connects us – whether we’re working for adidas, Reebok, or Rockport. We’re all working towards a future motivated by passion, original thinking, and the desire to build…

 HTML5/CSS3 Websites - 18

Website Link

The Pragmatic Lab

Empower Yourself with Technology

 HTML5/CSS3 Websites - 19

Website Link

Abby Putinski – Illustration

An interactive website showcasing illustration and design work through a fun, engaging user experience that allows exploration and gives a shout out to the great city of San Francisco.

 HTML5/CSS3 Websites - 20

Website Link


Responsiv HTML site aimed to collect commuting habits and presenting overall statistics

 HTML5/CSS3 Websites - 21

Website Link


Babbit is a browser game by Hover Studio. Eat as many carrots as you can and stay away from the Farmer’s dynamite!

 HTML5/CSS3 Websites - 22

Website Link

Reunite The River

You use enough water each week to fill a 40-foot lap pool. And it comes from places like the Colorado River. Take the pledge to restore 1,000 gallons of water to the river and reunite it…

 HTML5/CSS3 Websites - 23

Website Link

Hôtel Bourg Tibourg

Located in the city center of Paris, where luxury & culture, fashion & arts walk side by side, the Bourg Tibourg is a four stars hotel, intimist and charming, as a home away from home

 HTML5/CSS3 Websites - 24

Website Link

Marc-Andre Boivin Super-hero du Web

Designer de sites internet depuis presque 10 ans, j’utilise mes super-pouvoirs pour gérer, concevoir et produire des solutions Web axées sur la conversion, l’engagement et la rétention des…

 HTML5/CSS3 Websites - 25

Website Link

Webplace Digital Agency

Webplace is a Melbourne based digital agency. We specialise in web design, application development and online strategy.

 HTML5/CSS3 Websites - 26

Website Link

O Dia do Baralho

Landing about the official day of the deck cards.

 HTML5/CSS3 Websites - 27

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Simplicity and elegance, curiosity and nerditude are the ingredients we put in our projects.

 HTML5/CSS3 Websites - 28

Website Link

Nulab Inc.

We develop collaborative software tools aimed at facilitating effective work collaboration.

 HTML5/CSS3 Websites - 29

Website Link

Invictus Award by Paco Rabanne

Discover the Invictus Award, an epic sport competition brought to you by Paco Rabanne.

 HTML5/CSS3 Websites - 30

Website Link

Agence XY

 HTML5/CSS3 Websites - 31

Website Link


Digital Retail Agency. Multichannel Insight, Strategy and Experience Design for ambitious retailers.

 HTML5/CSS3 Websites - 32

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Marmoset is a full service music agency headquartered in Portland, OR, crafting original music.

 HTML5/CSS3 Websites - 33

Website Link


 HTML5/CSS3 Websites - 34

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We craft innovative experiences from strategy to back end development and anything that will make your brandʼs digital life sexier, easier and more profitable

 HTML5/CSS3 Websites - 35

Website Link

BeoPlay H6

To launch their beautiful high-end headphones H6, B&O PLAY teamed up with 6 creative professionals. The site revolves around these ambassadors their style and relation to music.

 HTML5/CSS3 Websites - 36

Website Link


LeadPilot, the first & only tool for the large-scale creation of keyword-related landing pages without any need for programming skills…

 HTML5/CSS3 Websites - 37

Website Link


Create instant meetings with fun people

 HTML5/CSS3 Websites - 38

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