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The Rise and Expediency of Mobile Commerce

The increased use of mobile phones and other electronic gadgets has triggered some trends which have completely transformed the way people think, react and perceive things. E-Commerce, since its origin has taken the world on a stride and has been continuing its supremacy ever since. Similarly, the day is not far away when the inception of Mobile commerce will spread its charm.  If you think of buying some stuff you are most likely to walk into a store or connect to the internet if you are among the lousy ones but shopping via mobile phones is a trend which is gaining significance.

Mobile Commerce

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Mobile commerce is nothing complicated but simply using your mobile phones to shop and make transactions. Similar to ecommerce, it has a much wider scope as more and more Smartphones dominate the market.  You don’t have to wait for much long to take out your mobile phone and buy something for yourself in the most expedient manner.

Now here are some of the major points which shall give mobile commerce a kick start in this technologically able world.

Secured & Easy Payments

Secure easy payment mobile ecommerce

Many of us including myself are afraid to shop over the internet due to a number of factors. One of the foremost factors is the payment security. The increasing number of cyber crimes makes us reluctant to shop over the internet but some great innovations like secured and certified apps, secured browsing and other such measures have greatly helped the way people do business online.

Many have realized that paying for a product our service via mobile phone is of no harm or risk and is a modern way of carrying out business. So in the future we are most likely to see more of secured transactions which shall enhance the mobile commerce experience of users.


Mobile commerce accessibility

One of the main factors which will see the rise of mobile commerce in the upcoming times is the factor of accessibility. We all agree that we love our mobiles more than any other gadget and prefer to keep it always attached to ourselves. As long as your network signals makes you accessible you can use them to make transactions. Mobile commerce gives you the accessibility to products and services irrespective of your location, busy schedule or other preference.

It means that you can use it when you are travelling to or fro office, busy watching a movie with your girlfriend or even while attending lectures. Just take out your mobile and start shopping using your favorite mobile apps.

Reviews to make decision

Before buying on major products like a car or a motorbike we obviously grab some reviews of the product and get feedback from other users who are already in experience with the product but with nominal products like shoes, sunglasses and other petty items of your shopping list you cannot do so. With mobile commerce you will be able to extract reviews about the product you want and help you make the right choice.

Beware of best deals

Best Deals

With mobile applications like the barcode scanner and other beneficial applications you can get the best price for the products you wish to buy. When boutiques and shops go old fashioned and abandoned, it will be your mobile which will take care of how you make a fashion statement. Mobile commerce will greatly help you with saving money and extracting a better price for products you love. In this combat between mobile commerce and physical stores it will be you the customer which will run away with the benefits.

Save your precious time

Since you do not have to loiter around in search of your favorite product store to store, you can save a lot on your time and utilize it on other things. I am sure you have a hefty list of things to do. Mobile commerce will make your shopping experience amazingly easy and fast by just following a few steps on your mobile phone.


In the end I would say that we should consider ourselves lucky enough to be born in an age loaded with technology and an innovation driven market. The future may be uncertain but is definitely filled with excitement and curiosity as to what waits to be reveled next.

Claire is a profound web developer having expertise in CMS and ecommerce platforms such as magento, joomla, drupal and other services. He also has proficiency in writing technical blogs and has written numerous posts. Web Address: CSS4me


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