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Modern Web Design – 35 Fresh & Inspiring Examples

In this modern era, Lot of designers talk about “Responsive design”. Designing a responsive website its really stunning. As a designer, I love to design responsive layout, the main function of the web designers is to augment the technological improvements. Websites are imperative to prove the potential of your business; however your website should be such that it is accessible from almost any device.  Some designers work very hard to create something more unique then a traditional website designing.

In earlier, I published some articles about dark color in web designsingle page web designecommerce web design and showcase of design inspiration. Today in this post I’ve gathered 35 fresh and inspiring examples of Modern Web Design, Let’s take a quick look at some inspirational examples to keep in mind when creating the next awesome website design.

Modern web design

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Modern Responsive Web Design

Modern web technologies are pushing the boundaries of creativity and today we want to share a little collection of creative and modern web design. So enjoy and let us know what do you think about these modern web design:

Behind The Brutes

Modern Web Design - 0

Spread the Word

Modern Web Design - 1

Coca-Cola polar bear

Modern Web Design - 2


Modern Web Design - 3

Discover Rhone Wines

Modern Web Design - 4

The Brigade

Modern Web Design - 5

The Twelve

Modern Web Design - 6

Warm Bodies

Modern Web Design - 7

Browser Awareness Day

Modern Web Design - 8

Ghost Games

Modern Web Design - 9

Swedish Seasons

Modern Web Design - 10

Good taste Good Sense

Modern Web Design - 11


Modern Web Design - 12

Oscar Charlie GmbH

Modern Web Design - 13

Shape Design Studio

Modern Web Design - 14

Fisherman’s Friend Air Guitar

Modern Web Design - 15

Pino Di Pietro

Modern Web Design - 16


Modern Web Design - 17

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