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Call Of Duty ELITE For Android, Download Now

Few days ago, Call Of Duty ELITE for iOS was released and now the app is live on Android Marketplace, for Android devices and available free for download.

Call Of Duty’s ELITE app for mobile devices serves as a little add-on to those fixated on those oft fiercely-contested multiplayer battles. It’s a ‘freemium’ app – so free to download and use to a degree – but you’ll need to part with some of your hard-earned in order enjoy the full experience.  The gist: it allows you to connect with friends online and experience round-the-clock interaction with others in the COD community for more strategic gaming. (Redmondpie)

Call Of Duty ELITE For Android

Play Together Better.

Immerse yourself in Call of Duty wherever you go with the Call of Duty ELITE mobile app. Evaluate your multiplayer progress with in-depth stat analysis. Formulate new strategies based on your recent performance and remotelyincorporate edits to your loadouts. Push your changes directly into Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 so you’re always ready to play.

(Requires Call of Duty ELITE registration and recently played matches ofModern Warfare 3 multiplayer.)


  • Check your Career Summary for deep details on your multiplayer activity. Analyze your progress over time to see which areas you need to improve in and which areas you excel in.
  • Review Recent Matches to track your performance on a match-by-match basis.
  • View and edit your Custom Classes on the go. Push your changes into the game so you’re ready to play the moment you load up multiplayer.
  • Track your Challenge progress to help you work toward the highest XP gains.

Download Call Of Duty ELITE for Android

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