Free Toolbar For Websites and Blogs: Skysa

Skysa is loaded with many applications like social buttons, translating pages, content aggregating, announcements, polls, chat, games, web chat and more.

As the toolbar is highly-customizable, Bar styles can be as simple as selecting a preset from our many theme and color options, or as fine tuned as you want to match your site just perfectly. Each of our 35+ presets can be fully customized by you to give your Skysa bar a unique touch.

Pre-made plugins available for Wordperss, BLogger and BudyPress.

The Skysa bar will automatically detect several different common website member systems and integrate with them to allow for a seamless user experience. If there are not any supported member systems on the site, all social apps will still work using the bar’s own fallback simple registration and log in.


The translate app is great, it remembers the choice of the reader and auto-translates any other pages that readers would visit. So as the “who is online”. Besides an “online readers count”, it displays them on a world map.

It is possible to track the usage on each application, how many times they are clicked, etc. and, from the statistics, I can easily tell that “they were actively used”.

Skysa bar apps such as chat room and comments allow in-app moderation. Setting up moderators is simple and allows you to quickly setup any member on your site with moderation control.

The Chat Room App is launch-able chat room and takes advantage of our integrated member system. The Chat Room features a list of people currently in the room with a counter in the bar that displays the number of people in chat. Additionally the room supports video chat, document sharing, shared whiteboard, message formatting and more.


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