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Download iPhone 4S User Guide

The iPhone 4S was recently released on October 14th, 2011 and it has even been officially noted by Apple that over 4,000,000 iPhone 4S’ have been sold during the last few days. WoW!!!

The iPhone 4S brings a magnitude of new functionality to the table once coupled with the official iOS 5 firmware including wireless syncing, Siri, iMessage and so much more. With so many new features and so many new iPhone owners out there I thought it would be a good idea to make apparent that there is an official iPhone 4S User Guide. In this iPhone 4S user guide you will find answers to numerous frequently asked questions and learn how to use every aspect of the iOS 5 firmware.


If you purchased an iPhone 4S, then you know that no physical user manual is available with the device, but if you want to learn your iPhone 4S which is running over iOS5, you can access online iPhone 4S User Guide, which is available free by Apple.

If you are new to Apple iPhone scene and would like a helping hand using your iPhone 4S to its’ full potential we recommend taking a look at Apple’s iPhone 4S user guide section. Additionally you can browse the available iPhone 4S user guides/quick start guides below:

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