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New jQuery Plugins Sticky, Badger, Formly & Apprise From ThrivingKings

ThrivingKings, Daniel Raftery a talented web developer, has created and sharing useful new jQuery plugins.

Daniel Says: “I am a big fan of jQuery, PHP, and burritos. As long as I can find the time, I will continue to release free plugins, code snippets, and applications.”  


1. Sticky jQuery Plugin

An unbelievably simple notification system for jQuery

Keep your users all warm and fuzzy by quickly notifying them of software updates, process completions, or annoying registration reminders.


Sticky is just a little guy. About 3.8kb in total for the full and 2.1kb for the minified version.

Download Sticky jQuery Plugin

2. Badger jQuery Plugin

Super sexy iOS style badges for jQuery

Give your users a dose of familiarity with iOS style badges. Badger will easily add a beautiful badge to your element without the need for images.


Browser compatibility

Chrome 8.0+
Firefox 3.0+
Safari 4.0+
Internet Explorer 9.0+
Internet Explorer 8 shows a square badge

Badger is almost nonexistent in size. 2.4kb in total for the full and 1.8kb for the minified version.

Download Badger jQuery Plugin

3. Formly jQuery Plugin

The form glamorizer for jQuery

An unbelievably easy way to add style and validation to your forms. Easily add style, validation, and a more impressive user interaction with a single function.


Download Formly jQuery Plugin

4. Apprise jQuery Plugin

The attractive alert alternative for jQuery

Apprise is a very simple, fast, attractive, and unobtrusive way to communicate with your users. Also, this gives you complete control over style, content, position, and functionality.


Download Apprise jQuery Plugin

Requirements: jQuery
Compatibility: All Major Browsers

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