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Create Mobile Web Apps Super Fast With Touchy Boilerplate

Touchy Boilerplate is a starting kit for creating mobile web apps that covers most of the tricky parts of the development process.

It includes an HTML template with all the mobile-related meta tags, various browsing scenarios like animated navigation, fixed header + scrollable content and deep linking support.

Touchygoes beyond just an HTML/CSS template, adding performance optimization tools, hardware accelerated animation, device API, fixed positioning and much more so you can really rock the mobile web.


Also, there are Geolocation functions and various other UI elementsprovided.

The boilerplate uses jQuery or Zepto.js and has 2 other optional helpers: Touchy JS and Touchy PHP which handles most of the exciting stuff mentioned above.

Touchy Boilerplate Feature:

  • HTML template with all the META tag goodies
  • Animated page navigation
  • Fixed header and scrollable content
  • Browser history and deep linking
  • CSS JS and Image embedding
  • Special UI elements
  • Optimized css files and js libraries
  • Environment info as CSS hooks and JS data
  • Geolocation helper
  • Useful CSS only shapes

Requirements: jQuery or Zepto.js
Compatibility: iOS, Android & Modern Web Browsers

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