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Google Chrome 14 Beta Download Now

The next version of Google Chrome will bring the browser closer to a full operating system. Chrome 14 build 14.0.835.35 is released for Windows, Mac and Linux with some bug fixes, new features and performance improvements. It will add a “native client” that lets developers run their C or C++ programs right in the browser, using what Google calls “Pepper” APIs (application programming interfaces), which give the programmers access to the browser’s HTML5 features. The browser beta adds other new capabilities, too, such as support for HTML5 Web Audio, more OS X Lion features, print preview on the Mac, and encryption of synced items.


The even earlier pre-release track—Dev—has also been updated to version 15 today. Its main gift for users will be much faster print previews, but it also aims to fix “many known stability issues.”

Chrome 14 Beta New Features

  • Native client: Allows developers to compile C/C++ code right inside the browser
  • Scrollbars, fullscreen mode and print preview capabilities for OS X Lion users
  • Web Audio API that offers advanced audio capabilities
  • Experimental Web Request extension API
  • Supports HTML 5 features

Download Google Chrome 14.0.835.94

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