File Browser With PHP & jQuery: SFBrowser

SFBrowser is an open source application, built with PHP and jQuery, for managing files online with an Ajaxed interface.

It returns a list of objects with containing the names and additional information of the selected files. You can use it, like any open-file-dialog, to select one or more files. Most inherent functionalities are also there like: file upload, file preview, creating folders and renaming or deleting files and folders.

The functionality can be extended with plugins. There are few ready-to-use ones like filetree and image-resize.

Some awesome features:


  • ajax file upload
  • optional as3 swf upload (queued multiple uploads, upload progress, upload canceling, selection filtering, size filtering)
  • localisation (English, Dutch or Spanish)
  • server side script connector
  • plugin environment (with filetree and imageresize plugin)
  • data caching (minimal server communication)
  • sortable file table
  • file filtering
  • file renaming
  • file duplication
  • file download
  • file/folder context menu
  • file preview (image, audio, video, text/ascii and swf)
  • folder creation
  • multiple files selection
  • inline or overlay window
  • window dragging and resizing
  • cookie for size, position and path
  • keyboard shortcuts
  • key file selection

For a faster usage, there is a context menu and support for keyboard shortcuts.

It is a multilanguage application, new languages can be added by creating new localization files (English, Dutch or Spanish are already included).

And, SFBrowser comes with a JavaScript API to interact with many of its features.

P.S. It is also available as a WordPress plugin.

Requirements: PHP
Compatibility: All Major Browsers

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