jQuery Tooltips Plugin Bubble-Shaped Tooltips With :Grumble.js

Grumble.js, a jQuery tooltip plugin by the developers of Huddle.com, enables us to create tooltips as bubble-shaped. 

The positioning  can be rotated around a given element at any angle, all 360 degrees. Any distance can be specified. Any CSS style can be applied. There’s auto-magic size adjustment for use with localised text. FX queues for animating multiple grumbles. And it works in IE6+, and modern browsers.


Bubbles come from a sprite image and the plugin decides which image to use according to the size of the text.

Tooltips are displayed with a fadeIn/fadeOut effect, can be set to auto-disappear or stay visible until they are closed.

There are also callbacks on every levelonShowonBeginHide andonHide.

What is this magic?

grumble.js uses buzzwords like CSS3 and ‘maths’ to position itself exactly where you want it. Modern browsers use CSS3 transforms with IE6+ using non-standard Matrix filters. Image spriting is used for actual bubble image, you can change this as you want – it’s just CSS.


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