Photobooth: Webcam Photo Shoot Upload with PHP, jQuery and CSS3

Photobooth will allow your website visitors to take a snapshot with their web camera and upload it from a neat CSS3 interface.

As you might know, it is not possible to access web cameras and other peripheral devices directly from JavaScript (and it won’t be for some time). However there is a solution to our problem – we can use a flash movie. Flash has perfect web camera support, and is installed on nearly all internet – enabled computers.

jQuery Webcam Photobooth

The solution we are going to use for this app is webcam.js. It is a JavaScript wrapper around flash’s API that gives us control over the user’s webcam.

You can use this app as a fun addition to a community forum or other social networking website. You can optionally build in a comment field to go with the photo, or integrate it more deeply with your site.

jQuery Webcam Photoshoot Preview

jQuery Webcam Photoshoot Preview

Download jQuery Webcam Photobooth

Requirement: jQuery & PHP

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