Javascript SlideShow Plugin, Highly-Flexible jQuery Slideshow Plugin: Agile Carousel

Agile Carousel is a jQuery plugin that allows us to create flexible (both in function and design) slideshows.

The plugin uses JSON for the data format of the slides. So, they can easily be provided remotely and integration with any other system (like CMSs) will be easier.

You can select between “fade” or “slide” as the transition effect, duration of the transitions and intervals between each slide can all be defined.

jQuery Slideshow Plugin

Highly Flexible so you can build according to your requirements. JSON data format is used to provide easier integration with external data or data from your CMS. Use it for agile web development. This is an all new version written from scratch. JQuery UI effects and the ability to read files on the server are no longer included. New features are added, such as “Control Sets” which allow for a more customizable setup.

Agile Carousel jQuery Slideshow have 5 different flavors and styles.

  • Basic Slideshow
  • Multiple Slide Visible
  • Flavor 1 with Prev, Next Buttons & Numbering
  • Flavor 2 with Horizontal “Content Buttons” Triggered on Mouseover, Prev, Next, Play, Pause Buttons  & Numbering
  • Flavor 2 with Vertical “Content Buttons”

Slides can be set to be displayed with an “infinite scrolling” interface, navigation can be accomplished by “numbered buttons”, “prev-next buttons” or any custom control.

With a simple function, it is also possible to get the total number of slides and the “current” slide displayed which would be handy when customizing it.

P.S. The plugin was previously shared at WRD, however, this is a totally re-written version and the old URLs are no longer available.

Download jQuery Slideshow Plugin

Requirements: jQuery
Compatibility: All Modern Browsers

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