Designing Digital Publications in HTML5 App For iPhone & iPad :Laker

Laker is an open sourced set of files, styles and tips for designing digital publications in HTML5 and converting them into iOS apps.

The project is actually a part of the final thesis of Florian Franke who decided to improve the Baker Framework (like adding “table of contents” and iPhone support) and released the experience + files for free.

Digital Publications in HTML5

Laker Core Features

  • Distribute your publication as an app for iPhone and iPad. The layout scales automatically depending on screen size and orientation.
  • Swipe to change pages (on iPad & iPhone).
  • DoubleTap to show a table of contents (on iPad & iPhone).
  • Implement native looking slideshows (on iPad & iPhone).
  • Include sound, YouTube videos, images, multi-column layouts and more.
  • The layout even adapts to a desktop browser (experimental).
  • No webserver required.
  • Fully customizable.
  • Build digital magazines, catalogues, slideshows, surveys, conference schedules and everything else you can imagine.

It makes use of the Less Framework and can work in both iPhone or iPad in any orientation by resizing itself automatically.

Readers can swipe to change pages, double-tap to view the “table of contents” and use any media like sound, YouTube videos or images.

Simply, Laker can be used to build digital magazines, catalogues, slideshows, surveys and much more.

Requirements: A Mac and xCode (for exporting the app)
Compatibility: All Modern Browsers

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