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Twitter Updated Twiter App for iPhone,iPad Gets Updated with New Features

Twitter announced today on the Twitter Blog that its official twitter app for iPhone, iPad has been updated with a bunch of new features. The application is now available for iOS devices such as the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch for free in the iTunes App Store.

Twiter App for iPhone

Image by Redmondpie

According to Twitter, the updated version of the iOS application now includes the following features:

  • Photos. Uploading photos is now easier than ever. There’s a camera button in the toolbar and we improved the image preview, so you can quickly choose a photo from your library or take a new picture.
  • Follow your friends. Now you can find which of your friends are on Twitter that have chosen to be discoverable through the contacts on your phone.
  • Local trends. See trends based on your location.
  • Shorten links. When you want to share a link on Twitter, just paste it into the Tweet box and we’ll automatically shorten it.
  • Tweet box design. We redesigned the “New Tweet” screen so it’s now cleaner and simpler.
  • Autocomplete. When tweeting on-the-go, speed and accuracy are important. Autocomplete for @usernames and hashtags help you tweet faster
  • Direct Messages. The new Direct Message conversation view helps you better keep track of messages.

twitter app
Image by Twitter Inc.
In addition, Twitter has introduced a new bar that allows individuals to see trending topics atop of their timeline. The bar, which many are already finding quite annoying, is only available for iPhone and iPod Touch.

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