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jQuery Plugin For Creating Magical Layouts – Isotope

jQuery Plugin For Creating Magical Layouts - Isotope

Isotope is an impressive jQuery plugin that enables us to sort items and create smart layouts. Using the plugin, any given list of items can be filtered with show/hide effects and they can be re-ordered with slick animations.

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  • Reveal & hide items with filtering
  • Re–order items with sorting
  • Dynamic, intelligent layouts
  • Captivating animations
  • Sort items by just about anything
  • Powerful methods, simple syntax
  • Progressively enhanced for CSS3 transforms & transitions

The plugin’s layout features are very powerful as well. With a simple function, items can be converted into horizontal/vertical layouts or arranged intelligently within a grid and much more. And, all with nice animations.

Isotope’s animation engine takes advantage of the best browser features when available — CSS transitions and transforms, GPU acceleration — but falls back to JavaScript animation when they are not available.

Download jQuery Plugin For Creating Magical Layouts

Requirements: jQuery
Compatibility: All Major Browsers


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