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Google Updated Gmail App Version 2.3.2 for Android

Gmail App for Android

Google Inc. announced today on The Official Gmail Blog that the Gmail application for Android has been updated to version 2.3.2 in order to improve existing features and enhance the overall experience.

The update introduces better support for Priority Inbox, a feature which has proven to be quite popular. Android users will now be able to see important messages in a new Priority Inbox view. There, users will be able to read, archive, delete, or mark messages as unimportant.

Google also indicates that individuals can set vibrate or ring notifications when an important message arrives in Priority Inbox. Users can change the settings to their personal preferences by going to Menu > Settings > Priority Inbox.

In addition, users can now easily switch between reply, reply all, and forward while composing a message or response. The new version of the application also allows users to send messages from different email addresses, which must be configured in the desktop version of Gmail. Individuals can also respond to messages in-line.

The new version of Gmail is now available in the Android Market for devices running Android 2.2 [Froyo]. Let us know what you think of it.

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