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Google Introduces New Service “Google Message Continuity”

Google Inc. announced today on The Official Google Blog the introduction of a new service called “Google Message Continuity” a cloud-based enterprise email backup solution powered by Postini, which Google acquired back in 2007 for $625 million. In essence, the service ensures that email access or email data are not lost during a natural disaster, data corruption, server migration, or human error by simply syncing on-premises email systems such as Microsoft Exchange to the cloud using Gmail, Calendar, and Contacts.

Google Apps Group Product Manager Rajen Sheth explains:

“If the Microsoft® Exchange Server fails, or requires scheduled maintenance or downtime, all you have to do is log into Gmail and continue regular, up-to-date email communication through Google. Since Gmail and Microsoft® Exchange are constantly synchronized with each other, you can seamlessly switch from one email environment to the other. Additionally, features such as synchronous replication that are built into Google’s architecture help ensure that your data won’t be lost at any point while being delivered to you with maximum efficiency.”

Google Message Continuity is priced at $25 per user per year for new customers or an additional $13 per user per year for existing Postini users.

For more information, visit or
Watch the Google Message Condinuity in 90 Seconds

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