Sliderman.js – Amazing Standalone Image Slider With Awesome Effects


Sliderman.js is a standalone javascript library for sliding images. The main feature of Sliderman.js is multiple unique effects which can be combined together.

It has multiple, unique and impressive effects (25 in total) which you can set to use only one or a combination of them randomly.

Navigation works pretty easy with 2 options: with the pagination created and prev-next buttons.

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Images can have descriptions that can be displayed directly or on “hover” and effects can be customized from the delays/durations to the starting positions, number of tiles and more.

Sliderman.js also lets customizing any other details like background color, its opacity, autoplay on/off and images used.

The library is very well-documented and definitely a must-bookmark.

Features: slides navigation, slides pagination, images’ html-descriptions.
Effects: 25 different effects.

Image Slider Preview


Compatibility (browsers’ support)

Sliderman.js works in all popular browsers and was properly tested in the following versions:

Licence & User Agreement

By the fact of using Sliderman.js you accept the following terms:

  1. You can use Sliderman.js for free until all copyright information is present in sliderman.js.
  2. You may redistribute the script without changing the original source code.
  3. If you have added new functionality to the code, please contact the author.

Requirements: No Requirements
Compatibility: All Major Browsers (except IE6)

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