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Download WordPress For Nokia: WordPress Celebrating 1 Million Mobile Users

Wordpress For Nokia

WordPress launched first version of wordpress app in 2008 for iPhone. Since than, wordpress added more other platforms as well  including Blackberry and Android. Today wordpress announce wordpress for Nokia smartphone.

WordPress Official words:
“We just passed 1 million mobile users across all platforms, which is not only a huge landmark for us, but for mobile blogging altogether. Cell phones are becoming our new personal computers, always with us and always ready when something needs blogging about. Each day thousands of posts are written and posted using nothing but a wee phone keyboard and a built-in camera. It’s truly about capturing the moment, and as smart phones are becoming more popular we’re trying to stay with you with your platform of choice. As of right now we have two exciting platforms in our scope, and today we’re launching the first one. I give you WordPress for Nokia:”

Download WordPress for Nokia

You can download the app directly from the Nokia Ovi Store…

Or go to the WordPress for Nokia site where you’ll find all the details on the new app.

If you’re a developer, you can help out and improve the app to make it even better! All of WordPress’s apps are Open Source. If you’d like get involved, be sure to let us know. Read more on WordPress for Nokia Development.

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