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BlackBerry PlayBook Popularity Growing

blackberry playbook

Just over a month since Waterloo, Ontario-based Research In Motion [RIM] Inc. officially unveiled the BlackBerry PlayBook at the BlackBerry Developer Conference in San Francisco, California, the popularity of the device appears to have grown quite a bit.

According to data obtained by Rockville, Maryland-based research company Changewave Research, the BlackBerry PlayBook appears to be the second most popular slate device for potential tablet buyers. The company conducted a survey on 3,108 individuals — 8% of which expressed their interest on the BlackBerry PlayBook.

Now, while 8% might seem extremely low compared to the 80% of individuals who declared their interest for the Apple iPad, it’s definitely a good number for a device that has barely made any public live appearances. It’s also better than the 3% and 2% of consumers who expressed their interest for the Samsung Galaxy Tab and HP Slate 500 — both of which have received the hands-on treatment and have been heavily promoted.

RBC Capital Markets analyst Mike Abramsky believes that the BlackBerry PlayBook is looking to be very promising. Based on the aforementioned 8% score, Abramsky estimates that RIM might sell as many as 6 million BlackBerry PlayBook units in 2011. Abramsky also believes that the BlackBerry PlayBook could even obtain 13% of the tablet market share.

The number, however, could definitely go up or down. It’s all going to depend on early reviews and hands-on as well as whatever new features the second generation iPad is equipped with.

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via AllThingsD

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