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BlackBerry OS For Available Blackberry Bold 9650 First Look


As a BlackBerry Bold 9650 owner (Verizon Wireless), I wanted to take my device to the next level. Since Research In Motion/Verizon are at a snail’s pace in terms of actually getting the BlackBerry OS 6 update in the hands of consumers, I’ve decided to install a leaked version available on the internet (unfortunately I can’t post any links, or it will be “cease-and-desist” letters galore in my email inbox).

With that said, I’ve spent the last hour or so getting the update installed, and have spent about 20 minutes (as of this writing) actually playing with the operating system. I am here to briefly offer my first impressions.

I should first say that we here are no strangers to BlackBerry OS 6. Recall our BlackBerry Torch review? We’ve never seen OS 6 on a non-touchscreen BlackBerry, though.

The first boot (after the OS install) begins with a nifty video that shows the device in every possible angle. Useless, but cool nonetheless. Shortly thereafter, a “how-to-use-this-phone-as-if-you-didn’t-already-know” video will play. I wish I could tell you the contents, but I skipped right through it. Sorry.

The re-designed homescreen is impressive. Not nearly as responsive as I hoped it would be, but everything is “suave” will fading effects, new controls, and a slow universal search. My god is it slow.

The browser. It’s noticeably faster, packs some new features, but at the end of the day, is completely overshadowed by mobile web browsers like Safari, and Android Browser. Still, improvements are nice — especially over what I had before (which was the worst browsing experience ever).

With that said, I seem to mostly like everything else about OS 6. I think I’m definitely keeping this version (until a revision/final version rolls along this century). As I familiarize myself even more with OS 6, I’ll be sure to piece together a follow-up, but I thought I’d share my first thoughts for those who may be on the fence. If you are, I would recommend at least trying it. So long as you back up, there’s nothing to lose. Also, it should be noted again that I am working with a leaked version, so bugs/performance issues are expected. I imagine RIM is working to correct the above-mentioned issues.

Yes — I’m aware the image above shows a Bold 9650 not running OS 6.

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