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HTML5 Boilerplate – Default HTML/CSS/JS Template For Fast Development


HTML5 Boilerplate is a HTML/CSS/JS default template which helps the website to-be-built work cross-browser, support HTML5-CSS3 and work fast.

Boilerplate is not a framework, nor does it prescribe any philosophy of development, it’s just got some tricks to get your project off the ground quickly and right-footed.

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An .htaccess config file includes caching rules and prepares the website to serve HTML5 video, use @font-face, and enable gzip.

It is also built with mobile browsers taken into consideration and has an iOS, Android, Opera Mobile-adaptable markup + CSS skeleton.

HTML5 Boilerplate offers many other features like an optimal print stylesheet, a test suit for unit tests and much more.

HTML5 Boilerplate Features:

  • Cross-browser compatible (IE6, yeah we got that.)
  • HTML5 ready. Use the new tags with certainty.
  • Optimal caching and compression rules for grade-A performance
  • Best practice site configuration defaults
  • Mobile browser optimizations
  • Progressive enhancement graceful degradation … yeah yeah we got that
  • IE specific classes for maximum cross-browser control
  • Handy .no-js and .js classes to style based on capability
  • Want to write unit tests but lazy? A full, hooked up test suite is waiting for you.

HTML5 Boilerplate Advance Features:

  • avascript profiling…in IE6 and IE7? Sure, no problem.
  • Console.log nerfing so you won’t break anyone by mistake.
  • Never go wrong with your doctype or markup!
  • An optimal print stylesheet, performance optimized
  • iOS, Android, Opera Mobile-adaptable markup and CSS skeleton.
  • IE6 pngfix baked in.
  • .clearfix, .visuallyhidden classes to style things wisely and accessibly.
  • .htaccess file that allows proper use of HTML5 features and faster page load
  • CDN hosted jQuery with local fallback failsafe.
  • Think there’s too much? The HTML5 Boilerplate is delete-key friendly. 🙂

Some Upcoming Features:

  • Build script to concatenate/minify your script & style and optimizes images.
  • Enable gzip technique (from Even Faster Websites) for all capable users.
  • Production release with no explanatory comments, just the meat.
  • SASS/HAML ports.

Compatibility: All Major Browsers

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