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Download WordPress for BlackBerry Updated to Version 1.4.1

Wordpress for Blackberry

The WordPress application for BlackBerry has been updated to version 1.4.1, which mostly appears to focus on improving the overall experience by fixing several issues. In other words, the update — which is pretty minor — is just a maintenance release. No major features are introduced.

According to the official release notes, the new version addresses the following issues:

  • Fixed empty title issue for those blogs with “Site Title” field set to empty value.
  • Fixed an issue on the comments screen that doesn’t permit editing of comments with weird characters within URL or e-mail field.
  • Introduced a better integration with the VideoPress service and the Space-Upgrade option.
  • Added support for blog shortcut icon.
  • Minor bug fixing.

WordPress for BlackBerry 1.4.1 is now available in the BlackBerry App World in several languages such as English, Italian, Finnish, French, Indonesian, German, Portuguese [Portugal], Japanese, Spanish, Colombian Spanish, and Polish. Existing users will be notified as soon as the application is open.

Download WordPress for BlackBerry 1.4.1

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