Download “HTML5 Reset” Base For Any HTML5-CSS3 projects


HTML5 Reset is a project which aims to offer a base for any HTML5-CSS3 projects which covers issues like CSS-reset, various JS hacks for IE, etc. to overcome browser incompatibility issues.

The HTML file contains a rudimentary HTML5 document structure, with all the every day stuff like title, header, footer, etc. It also uses conditional comments to call about half a dozen IE-specific CSS files, as well as a couple popular IE-correcting javascript files.

About “HTML5 Reset”

Like a lot of developers, we start every HTML project with the same set of HTML and CSS templates. We’ve been using these files for a long time and we’ve progressively added bits and pieces to them as our own personal best practices have evolved.

Now that modern browsers are starting to support some of the really useful parts of HTML5 and CSS3, it’s time for an update, and we thought we’d put it out there for everyone to use. By no means do we see this as the end-all and beat-all, but we think it’s a fairly good starting place that anyone can take and make their own.

The set comes in 2 versions:

  • Bare Bones (stripped down to the essentials)
  • Kitchen Sink (when we want the option to remove features, rather than add them)

Inside the download package, there is also a sample content provided to help you get started.

Download HTML5 Reset:

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