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Twitter Launched New Account @EarlyBird

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Twitter launched today a new account called @EarlyBird, which will promote special offers, deals, and even events. At the moment, only one tweet has been posted with a link that redirects users to a FAQ page on the Twitter Help Center explaining everything about @EarlyBird. In it Twitter explains that it has partnered with several unnamed advertisers to offer followers time-bound deals and sneak-peeks.

Already, several companies offer deals through Twitter. @EarlyBird looks to help Twitter users discover such deals by making them more relevant in a dedicated account. All users have to do to be able to receive exclusive deals and offers is to follow @EarlyBird on Twitter.

Additionally, Twitter indicates that followers will be able to suggest products and/or events by sending a reply to the account. However, the company states that it will be selective about the type of deals highlighted on the account. Twitter also explains that they will be able to make revenue with @EarlyBird.

At the moment, deals will be country-wide in the U.S only, though the company expects to experiment with location-based deals in the future.

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