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luxurious White iPhone 4 Diamond Edition Cost $20,000


Stuart Hughes who is famous for the world’s most luxurious communication and gadgets ornamental veneer now brings iPhone 4 Diamond Edition.

This Iphone 4 Diamond Edition comes with a large price tag though! The phone will cost $20,000 dollars. This is a large amount of cash just for an iPhone full of diamonds on the sides and back. If you want one though, you are free to purchase one. I personally would never get it, 20K for that seems to be a waste of money.

The iPhone 4 Diamond Edition is unlocked white iPhone 4 and its edges are covered with a handful amount of small white diamonds and the Apple’s logo on backside is also filled with shinny diamonds which make white iPhone 4 luxury device of $20,000.


The iPhone 4 was launched on 24 June 2010 and it was available only in black color whereas white iPhone 4 is set to be launch soon.

So if you can not wait for white iPhone 4 launch and have that big amount of $20 K then iPhone 4 Diamond Edition is available to buy.

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