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James Cameron Avatar Re-Release in IMAX Theatres This Summer

Avatar Re-Release

The world’s highest-grossing James Cameron Avatar is slated to be re-released later this Summer in IMAX theatres around the country. As an incentive, the re-release will include eight minutes of previously unseen footage — which will allow moviegoers who have seen the film enjoy it just as much as an individual who hasn’t yet viewed the film.

“The re-release, scheduled one year after the special IMAX day sneak preview, will bring the Avatar event full circle for IMAX fans around the world,” said Richard Gelfond, CEO of IMAX.

“We are thrilled to be re-releasing this incredible film with additional footage that will capture the imagination of moviegoers one more time or maybe even for the first time,” said Greg Foster, who is the President and Chairman of IMAX’s Film Entertainment sector.

It will be an excellent opportunity for the cast and movie houses to make some additional income — as well as for director James Cameron, who is rumored to have been paid $350 million since release.

via MarketWatch
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