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Install Flash on Jailbroken iPad

Install Flash on Jailbreak iPad

Few days back it was reported that Flash is ported to iPad with the code name Frash . So, now Frash 1.1 is out and available for jailbroken iPad which makes this possible for users to run Flash contents and Flash games on iPad.
In following you can find the instructions to install Frash 1.1 on jailbroken iPad, if your iPad is not jailbroken then use Spirit as jailbreak tool for iPad.

Install Frash 1.1 on Jailbroken iPad:

1- Download Frash.deb

2- To transfer files to iPad Mac users can install Netatalk whereas WinSCP works for Windows

3- When you will get access to iPad’s file system, navigate to /var/root/Media

4- In Media create a folder with name Cydia

5- Now, open newly created Cydia folder and there create a new folder with name AutoInstall

6- Move the downloaded Frash.deb to this AutoInstall folder

7- Restart iPad for 3-4 times and that is done

Now, try to open any Flash based web page through Safari web browser on your iPad. For most of the Flash pages Frash works smoothly but because of some inconsistencies some times it may stop working as that will hopefully get fixed in next releases.

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