HTC EVO 4G Update to Android 2.2 (Froyo) Tomorrow?

Android Froyo 2.2

According to a series of internal Sprint documents obtained by Engadget, the wireless carrier is planning to begin updating the popular HTC EVO 4G to Android 2.2 (Froyo) as soon as tomorrow — Friday, July 30. The Overland Park, Kansas-based company plans to roll out the update to a limited number of users initially. However, if everything goes well and according to plan, the update will be made available to the rest of users beginning on Tuesday, August 2.

The update, which has been categorized as “high priority for competitive reasons,” will not just upgrade the device to Android 2.2 though. It will also includes several improvements and enhancements to the overall experience. It will include several new preloaded widgets, a flashlight mode for the built-in dual-LED camera flash, light-assisted 720p video, and “improvement” to the quality of 720p video capture.

Alas, the update will block a hack that allows users to use the hotspot feature for free. Though we’re pretty sure that developers will find a way to enable it once again. We’ll just have to wait an see if tomorrow is finally the big happy day for HTC EVO 4G owners.

Check out the whole document in the full post.

Sprint HTC EVO 4G Update to Android 2.2 Document

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