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Download WordPress 3.0.1: Bug-Fixing Update

Download WordPress 3.0.1

The first bug-fixing update to the latest version of the popular open-source blogging platform WordPress has been released. WordPress 3.0.1 is a minor release fixing several bugs still left in WordPress 3.0. In total, 55 issues have been resolved for this release. Note that if you updated your install as soon as the new version became available, within 20 minutes or so, you will have to re-install it.

After nearly 11 million downloads of WordPress 3.0 in just 42 days, we’re releasing WordPress 3.0.1. The requisite haiku: Three dot oh dot one, Bug fixes to make you smile, Update your WordPress. This maintenance release addresses about 50 minor issues. The testing many of you contributed prior to the release of 3.0 helped make it one of the best and most stable releases we’ve had,” WordPress’ Andrew Nacin announced.

Download WordPress 3.0.1

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