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50 Best PHP Classes Resources for Web Developers

PHP Classes Resources for Web Developers

PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor (the name is a recursive acronym) is a widely used, general-purpose scripting language that was originally designed for web development to produce dynamic web pages.

And, as a feature-rich language, it is possible to accomplish many tasks by default from handling e-mails to images, PDFs to database connections, etc.

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What is PHP?

  • PHP stands for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor
  • PHP is a server-side scripting language, like ASP
  • PHP scripts are executed on the server
  • PHP supports many databases (MySQL, Informix, Oracle, Sybase, Solid, PostgreSQL, Generic ODBC, etc.)
  • PHP is an open source software
  • PHP is free to download and use

However, there are Best free PHP classes and libraries which helps you get more like:

  • good looking charts
  • form validation
  • parsing feeds
  • better image or database handling
  • and more.

Here is a collection 50 Best PHP Classes Resources for Web Developers that every PHP developer would love to bookmark:

PHP SEO Classes

1. Sitemap Generator

This class can be used to generate sitemaps and notify updates to search engines. It can build a sitemap file from a list of URLs. The URLs may have attached the last modification date, a change frequency and a priority. The sitemap file may be saved in the compressed format. The class may also update the site robots.txt file with the sitemap address.
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2. Google Page Rank Checker

This class can be used to retrieve the Google page rank of a page with a given URL. The Page Rank is a family of algorithms for assigning numerical weights to hyperlinked documents (or web pages) indexed by a search engine. Its properties are much discussed by search engine optimization (SEO) experts. The page rank system is used by the popular search engine Google to help determining the relevance of a page. The page rank is considered to determine the order of presentation of different locations in search engine result pages. This class accesses the Google servers and queries the page rank of a given URL. The page rank value returned by the class is a number between 0 and 10.
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3. Keyword Suggest

This class can be used to suggest keywords using Overture’s keyword selector online tool. It accesses the Overture keyword selection tool page and submits a query for a given keyword. The class returns all keywords that include the query keyword sorted by number of searches performed in the last month.
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4. Autolink Keywords

This class can generate links for the keywords of text content. The class takes a list of keywords for links and another list of keywords associated to text content. These content keywords may have been extract from the content itself with the automatic keyword generator class. For each of the content keywords that match any link keywords, this class will find the keywords in the content text and replaces it with a link to the respective link keyword URL. The search for the keywords may be case sensitive or not. The keyword links will have a configurable CSS class and ID attribute.
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5. Automatic Keyword Generator

This class can automatically suggest keywords from content text. It can be used for instance to suggest keywords for the META tags of a Web site page. It counts the number of occurrences of single or multiple word expressions within the given content text. The most frequent expressions are suggested as keywords. The class exclude a given list of words from the analysis.
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6. Google Dancer

This class is meant to query different Google servers and analyse the results to determine if their search index is being updated. This index update is also known as Google Dance. This class checks whether Google is dancing making three types of tests: counting the number of links pointing to a set of domains, counting the number of indexed pages of a set of domains, counting the number of results of a given search query words. The class repeats the tests on several alternative servers and compares the results to return an index that is related with evidence that Google is updating their index.
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7. Offline SEO Tools

This class can be used to generate several types of reports about Web pages. It can:

  • Get the response headers and body data of a given URL page
  • Extract from a page the title, description, keywords, meta tags, text from header paragraphs, links and anchors
  • Extract the page text and list the text keywords
  • Compare the content of two pages
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8. Simple Link Exchange

This class can be used to manage Web page links exchanged between multiple sites.

The class can:

  • Create a couple of MySQL database tables to store lists of links grouped by categories
  • Add a new category or list the existing categories
  • Add a new link, update or delete links, list all links from a category
  • Vaidate exchanged back-links, update their presence status and generate a valid links report
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9. Webmaster Tools

This class can be used to manage sites in the Google Webmaster Tools site using its API. It can send HTTP requests to the Google Webmaster Tools API Web server to perform several types of actions. Currently it can add or delete site, set geolocation or preferred domain for a site, get the list of managed sites, get details about a site, and verify a site setting up a special verification HTML page.
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PHP AJAX Classes

10. Forms generation and validation

Class that generates HTML forms supporting:

  • Multiple inputs may be interconnected in such way that client side events that occur on one input can trigger actions on the context of other inputs. Developers may use input interconnection support without writing Javascript code.
  • Can be extended with new types of input controls plug-in classes.
  • Custom input plug-in classes can be used to support for handling client site events on the server side without submitting the form or redrawing the whole form page
  • Some control plug-in classes are made available:
  • AJAX based form submission (without reloading the whole page)
  • Auto-complete text inputs
  • Select a location on a map using Google Maps API
  • Calendar date input
  • CAPTCHA test to prevent automated access by robots
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This class can be used to implement CAPTCHA validation using colored boxes that the user must click which are validated using AJAX requests. It renders a grid of boxes on which only one box is colored differently to indicate the user must click it. The class sends an AJAX request to the server passing the coordinates of the user clicks until a given number of clicks correctly point to the colored boxes.
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12. Ajax Thesaurus tooltip

This class can be used in conjunction with a mouse pointer. The user hovers the cursor over an item, without clicking it, and a small box appears with supplementary information regarding the item being hovered over. It must be used in conjunction with a few Javascript libraries that submit the page body HTML content to the server via AJAX. On the server, the class parses the HTML content to lookup for known text expressions stored in a dictionary file in CSV format. The text expressions found in the dictionary are replaced by links that make a popup window appear with the expressions meaning when the user drags the mouse over the links. The processed HTML content is returned to the browser as part of the AJAX request response.
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13. AJAX DataGrid

This class can be used to list data in an HTML table that can be edited using AJAX. It supports list page scrolling, column sorting, and in-place editing of data cells using form fields to alter the values and AJAX requests to save the changed values to the server.
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14. AJAX Drop-down

This package can be used to update the options of a drop-down select input when the selected value of another drop-down input changes. It uses AJAX to retrieve the new set of drop-down options from a MySQL database on the server side.
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15. AJAX Edit In Place

This class can be used to edit and save a paragraph of text in an HTML page. It associates the necessary Javascript event handling code to turn a given paragraph in an HTML page into editable text when the user clicks on it. When the user finishes editing the generated Javascript submit the paragraph text to the Web server using AJAX request so it can be saved.
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16. AJAX File Uploader

This class can be used to browse files uploaded via Web forms using AJAX methods to send the files without reloading the form page. There is auxiliary Javascript code that can upload in the background a file that the users chooses in a Web page form and updates the upload message status in the page. A server side auxiliary script gets the uploaded files and copies to an upload directory. The class can be used to scan the upload directory and list the previously uploaded files according to different types: image, sound, video and other.
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17. AJAX Login Module

This class can be used to authenticate users without reloading a login page. It can generate the HTML with Javascript that uses the jQuery library to present a login form that is submitted using an AJAX request for verifying the user password. The class uses a separate database access class to perform a database query to the users database in order to verify whether the user and password are correct.
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18. AJAX Paginator

This class can be used to split MySQL query results displayed in pages retrieved using AJAX. It takes a MySQL query and computes the total number of rows it returns to generate HTML links in order to browse different pages of the query results. Each page displays up to a given limit number of results. The generated links trigger the execution of JavaScript code that retrieves the contents of the respective page using AJAX requests. The class can also execute queries to perform searches for information in given columns.
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19. AJAX Poll

This class can be used to present and process a poll without reloading the page where it appears. It uses an HTML template to present the poll page. The poll options appear as radio buttons in a place determined by the template. The class also generates the necessary Javascript to submit the poll votes to the server and present the current poll results using AJAX.
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20. AJAX Rating Counter

This package can be used to implement a star rating system that uses AJAX to update the average rate without reloading the rate page after a user has voted. It can display the current average rating between 1 to 10 using star icon images. A new rating submitted by an user is sent to the server using an AJAX request. The server returns the updated rating average and the star icon images change to the new rating value.
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PHP E-Commerce Classes

21. CCValidator

This class can be used to validate credit card numbers. It checks the integrity of the number by using the mod 10 algorithm. The class can also check a credit card number of a given card type by looking at the number prefix. Currently it can check whether the card type is: VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club, Discover or JCB.
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22. Payment Gateway Library

This class implements payment handling abstraction layer. There is a abstract base class that implements generating payment button forms and logging instant payment notifications. There several sub-classes that implement specific details for generating payment button forms and handling payment notifications with, Paypal and 2checkout.
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23. DB Cart Class

This class can manage a shopping cart with the details stored in a MySQL database. It can be integrated with existing MySQL databases that contain the information about the products and customers. The cart can also be used without any existing customer information. Currently it can perform several operations on shopping carts like adding items, display the cart contents, the VAT amount and the order totals, updating quantities or empty the cart. It can all take care of the checkout process tasks like setting or updating the shipping address and send an order confirmation message to the customer. It’s possible recover the last “open” order for an existing customer during a limited time periode. Since version 1.10 its possible to use this class with product data where the stock value is variable.
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24. Amazon API Access with PHP and XML

Now everybody heard of What not everybody knows that Amazon released an API to access its huge catalogs. What this basically means is that each developer can access the information from Amazon following some simple protocols and every site owner can enhance his own website with content and features from Amazon.

The Amazon API comes as a simple Webservice. Here are the first Web services that they have exposed:

  • Product Display : The ability to search for and retrieve product information from the catalog.
  • Shopping Cart : The ability to add products to shopping carts, wish lists, and registries from third party locations.
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25. Full Payment and Registration

This class can be used to implement a paid subscription user registration system. It implements the system in several registration step pages: registration form, registration review page, registration validation and submission. The class can validate the credit card supplied by the user to pay the subscription but it does not actually process the payment. The information of the user subscriptions is stored in a MySQL database.
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26. Hippo Shopping Cart

This class can manage a shopping cart composed of products being sold to customers with records stored in a MySQL database.

The shopping cart item details are stored in session variables. Such details include product identifiers, product quantities, customer identifiers and e-mail addresses.

The information of the available products and the customer records are stored in a MySQL database.

The class can:

  • Add items to the cart given the product identifier
  • Check whether a given product is available
  • Check whether a customer already has database records
  • Retrieve the details of products added to the cart
  • Remove or update the quantity of a product in the cart
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27. Paypal Button Generator

This class can be used to generate buttons that can be placed in Web pages to make it easier for clients to pay for pre-filled orders in Paypal. It can build orders or one or more items. It may also associate values of taxes, postage and handling that need to be paid by the clients as part of the whole order when necessary. The class generates a form with hidden fields that are used to pass the order details and a button that is presented in the Web pages to let the users push to submit the order to be paid in Paypal site. The presentation details of the submit button are configurable using CSS styles and custom button images.
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28. Paypal Instant Payment Notification

This package can be used to submit and process payments with Paypal Instant Payment Notification system.

It provides a base class for submitting payments and handle Paypal responses.

Applications should create a sub-class of this base class to override a few functions to customize the details of the payment transactions and how the payment responses should be handled.

This class is now officially PHP 5.0 compatible.

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29. Paypal Pro Payment Integration

This class can be used to send payment requests to Paypal payments Pro API.

It can send HTTP request to the Paypal API Web servers to execute a given API operation passing a list of name and value pairs. It can also send requests to the sandbox API web servers.

The class returns the response name value pairs as an associative array.

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PHP Social Networking Classes

30. PHP Online Bookmarking Class

This class can display icons to add pages to online bookmarking sites.

It can generate HTML and Javascript to display icons of many bookmarking sites.

When the user clicks on an icon, it is lead to the respective site to add a bookmark to the current page.

Download PHP Class

31. phpTwitter

his class can be used to set and retrieve Twitter user status.

It accesses Twitter site server on behalf of a given API user and perform several operations related to the Twitter status users like: update the status of the user, retrieve the information about the user status, get the details of a given user, destroy the status of an user.

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32. Simple Twitter

This class can be used to retrieve the statuses of Twitter users.

It can send HTTP requests to Twitter Web services API to perform several types of operations.

The class can retrieve the time line of statuses of a given Twitter user, the public time line, the statuses of the friends of a given user, the relationship between two Twitter users, search for statuses with a given text, and information about a given user.

The class can also convert URLs in the retrieved statuses into HTML links.

Download PHP Class

33. Twitter Updater

This class can be used to update and retrieve the statuses of a Twitter user.

It can send requests to the Twitter API on behalf of a given user to perform several types of operations.

Currently it can update the user status, remove a given user status, and get the user time line status.

The class can shorten URLs in the updated user status using the shortening service.

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PHP HTML Classes

34. Advanced Grid

This class can be used to display data from MySQL database query results in an HTML table. It can:

  • Retrieve data to display executing simple or joined SQL queries
  • Can display column values as links
  • Can replace field values of any column
  • Can have options for searching text values
  • Supports column sorting and results pagination
  • Can have a link column to a page for editing records
  • Can delete database table rows
  • Can export results in the CSV format
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35. AdvancedForm

Generate forms inside a table using classes and methods. It supports CSS, so changing the style is a snap. You wont clutter your scripts with boring HTML code. Just pure PHP. Easy to use, but powerful.
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36. Auto complete

This package can be used to auto-complete text typed in a form input without page reloading.

It generates the HTML for a form with a text input and Javascript to perform an AJAX request to retrieve possible words that complete the text that the user has typed so far.

The auto-completion words are retrieved from a configurable text file. The words may also be read from an array session variable to make it faster.

The completion words are displayed in menu below the text input.

The form with text field width, the colors of the words in the menu and the word file delimiter are also configurable.

Download PHP Class

37. Auto Form Field Generator

A Class to render automagically Form Fields Html code. I use it in combination with a table that contains the fields description like type, name, javascript events, text, default options, and so.
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38. CriosWeb HTML Cleaner

This class can be used to remove unwanted tags and data from HTML document.

It takes a string with the HTML document to clean and parses it assuming a given character set encoding.

The class can perform several types of clean-up operations like:

  • Removing style definitions
  • Remove tags or attributes based on white lists or blacklists
  • optimize code (merge inline tags, strip empty inline tags, trim excess new lines)
  • Use the HTML tidy extension to clean the document and format the output as XHTML and drop proprietary attributes from Microsoft Word HTML documents
  • Drop empty paragraphs
  • Remove needless white space
  • Fill empty table cells
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39. CSS Query

This class can be used to get elements from an HTML document using CSS selectors similar to Xpath.

It can load an HTML document and perform queries for elements using CSS selectors as query parameters. The search may be applied to the whole document or just to a list of document elements.

The class returns an array of document elements as DOMNode objects that match the query.

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PHP Security Classes

40. Anti-Hacking Session Manager

This class can manage user access sessions providing some security features.

It verifies whethers the IP address and the browser identification (user agent) are not different from those used when the session is created. Otherwise, the session is flagged as invalid. An exception is opened for users accessing the site via AOL, due to the rotating proxy problem.

It also provides functions for setting, getting, removing and checking the existance of individual session variables.

The session variables can be referred using dots for separating the names of indexes of sessions variables stored in multi-dimensional associative arrays, like for instance, “config.ip” instead for $_SESSION[“config”][“ip”].

In French:

Cette classe contrôle que l’adresse ip et le user-agent sont identiques tout au long de la session. Si ce n’est pas le cas, c’est que votre session a été “volée”. Cette classe vous permet aussi de gérer les variables de session plus simplement.

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This class can be used to implement CAPTCHA validation using colored boxes that the user must click which are validated using AJAX requests.

It renders a grid of boxes on which only one box is colored differently to indicate the user must click it.

The class sends an AJAX request to the server passing the coordinates of the user clicks until a given number of clicks correctly point to the colored boxes.

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42. Flood Blocker

This class can be used to detect and protect a Web site from attempts to flood it with too many requests. It also allows to protect the site from automatic downloading many pages or files from the same IP address.

The detection of flood is determine according to a set of parameters indicating the maximal allowed number of requests for the certain time interval. It is possible to set several parameters at once in order to perform more effective protection.

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43. PADL (PHP Application Distribution License System)

This class can used to generate license style keys to control the distribution and functionality of PHP applications.

It generates license strings that can bind PHP applications to specific domains, specific servers, can only be executed during limited time period, or to restrictions placed on a home server within the license key.

The binding to server process attempts to use the server network card MAC address. This feature was tested on servers are Mac OS X (Darwin), Linux, Windows XP, although it may also work for FreeBSD, NetBSD, Solaris.

PADL also attempts to use information from $_SERVER variable to encode that server name, server IP, server application path and server application url to the license key. Part of the process also binds the IP Address from the $_SERVER variable if found, but it also attempts to parse the server config file (the same used to get the MAC address) for any more IPs.

The server binding can be disabled if required, and it also possible to block the key being generated for the localhost address (

The time limiting of the license uses a start period (and a given start offset to allow for time discrepancies) and an expiry date if required.

If required when validating a key it is also possible to dial home to check the license key on your own PADL License Server, examples are given.

The PHP_OS and PHP_VERSION of the php that the key was generated for is also encrypted into the key.

It is also possible to encrypt additional information into the license key to enable you to place restrictive features in your application to allow the creation of trialware or demoware.

This class is still in development however it is stable. A GUI is to follow.

Download PHP Class

PHP Wireless and Mobile Classes

44. Bulk SMS

This class can be used to send SMS messages using the portal api .


  • Send SMS messages
  • Get a quote of the cost of sending an SMS message
  • Get the current account remaining credits.
Download PHP Class

45. Clickatell SMS API

This class is meant to send worldwide SMS messages via the Clickatell gateway.

The class provides support to authenticate to this service and also query for the current account balance.

This class use the PHP fopen function or PHP CURL module to communicate with the gateway via HTTP/HTTPS

Download PHP Class

46. Google WAP Dictionary

This class can be used to provide a Web interface suitable for mobile devices to translate text between idioms.

It generates Web interface in XHTML or WML with a small form to let the user enter text to be translated between two idioms.

The class accesses the Google translate service pages and emulates the submission of the text translation form. The class parses the results and reformats them to display small mobile device screens.

Download PHP Class

47. MobileUserAgent

This class parses user agent identifier strings from browsers used by mobile devices to extract relevant information.

It recognizes many of the current mobile user agent identifier strings and processes them to extract their basic constituent parts, the most important being the mobile device vendor and model.

An useful application of this class is to use the extracted information to lookup vendor and model specific device characteristics in a database, or to detect if the visiting browser uses a certain type of mobile device.

Of course you could use user agent profiles for this, but not all mobile phones have (valid) user agent profiles, especially the older types of mobile phones.

This class was already verified to work correctly with over 2000 user agent strings.

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This class is meant to import and export data stored in SQL databases to XML files using the ADODB library.

It provides a function to export the data of SQL query result set to XML file.

It also provides another function that parses XML files that define the data of fields to be inserted as new rows of a table also specified in the XML files.

Download PHP Class

49. Adv XML to Array

This class can transform XML data to an array and vice-versa using DOM XML API.

It preserves encoding, namespaces and attributes.

It is mainly used for creating XML documents from data taken from HTML forms.

Download PHP Class

50. Feed Validator

This class can be used to validate an RSS feed using the site validation service.

The class makes an HTTP request to the site server, passing the URL of the feed to validate as parameter.

The class parses the response to determine whether the specified RSS feed was considered to be valid.

Download PHP Class
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