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Google Adsense:Google Pays 68% of AdSense Revenue To Publishers

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If you’re an Google AdSense publisher, you may find new information revealed by Google concerning the financial aspect of Google’s AdSense program interesting.

As a primer, you should know that Google offers AdSense in two different forms. The first of which is AdSense for Search. This — in essence — will allow a publisher to place search services powered by Google on their website and make money from accompanying advertisements.

The second form is by far the more popular of the two, says Google; AdSense for content. Basically, this allows a publisher to place ads on their website which will find an ad to display that related to the content of what is on the website. For instance, if you run a website that related to video games, you’ll see mostly game-related ads.

Google allows publishers to keep a whopping 68% of revenue made from these ads, according to TechCrunch. This figure is significantly more than many other PPC [pay per click] advertising services and of course would mean that Google keeps about 32% for themselves.

But if that doesn’t sound fair for Google, think again. The California-based company is reportedly earning billions with AdSense, given its popularity on the web.

Google also notes that there are no plans to modify the revenue share rate at this time.

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