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Increase Your Backlinks with DoFollow SEO Sites


What is DoFollow?

DoFollow is simply an internet slang term given to web pages or sites that are not utilizing NoFollow. NoFollow is a hyperlink inclusion that tells search engines not to pass on any credibility or influence to an outbound link. Originally created to help the blogging community reduce the number of inserted links into a “comment” area of a blog page, the attribute is typically standard in blog comments. It helps overwhelmed webmasters disallow spammers from gaining any kind of advantage by inserting an unwanted link on a popular page.

As a result of the implementation of NoFollow: link building has taken a massive hit, as many sites including Wikis, social bookmarking sites, corporate and private blogs, commenting plugins and many other venues and applets across the internet began implementing NoFollow. This made effective link building difficult for both honest people and spammers alike.

By the way, there’s nothing wrong with getting NoFollow links. In fact, you’ll want to get an equal amount of them as well. While they don’t pass on link juice, they do help associate your site with anchor text (the keyword phrase that makes up the URL pointing to your site).

Blog Commenting. Easy way to get backlinks, do comment on dofollow blogs. Use Follow List orĀ  this software to find out blogs related to your niche.

How Search Engines Use NoFollow

Search engines each interpret NoFollow in their own way. Here’s a list of the major search engines, and their actions when a NoFollow link is seen:
  • Google follows NoFollow links but simply does not pass on credit to an outbound link that is tagged with the attribute.
  • Yahoo follows NoFollow links and excludes the link from all ranking calculations.
  • MSN may or may not follow a NoFollow link, but it does exclude it from ranking calculations.
  • does not adhere to NoFollow.

Finding DoFollow Sites

With all of the above being said – it is rather difficult to find sites that are “DoFollow“…however, they are out there! Listed below for your convenience are running lists of multiple categories of sites that are DoFollow, and great candidates for your next backlink!

Don’t Be A Spammer – Be A Value Provider!
Spamming Dofollow resources will not give you results…not only that, it hurts the entire community, and it persuades Dofollow providers to convert their sites to Nofollow. Be sure that all of your link-building exploits are done so tastefully and honestly. If you don’t cram keywords and give an honest account of what your site is about, search engines will reward you for it!

In getting links, regardless of if they’re DoFollow or not, please note that Google and other search engines are rather smart these days. If you have multiple links pointing to a page from one DoFollow source, or if that source is also linking to other places that are giving you backlinks (such as your Blogspot or WordPress account), search engines will notice and may devalue your links to the point where they become worthless. Build links naturally and over time. Provide value and they’ll be quality links. Otherwise, you’ll hurt your website’s link building efforts in the long-run.

By the way — when it comes to link building, only the first link pointing to a site counts. Posting more than one hyperlink on the same page to the same source won’t help in any way.

How to Spot DoFollow Links

…and NoFollow ones, too

If you use Firefox, a quick way to find DoFollow links is to spot the NoFollow ones! A free plugin called SearchStatus does just that: it will highlight all “NoFollow” links on a page.

Everything not highlighted is DoFollow. It’s a quick and easy way to do a background check on your backlinking resources to see if they’ve retained DoFollow status!

List of DoFollow Blog Services

What to do with them?: Create a free blog. Write a keyword-rich (but not spammy) article promoting your site, with strategic backlinks. Name the blog after an important keyword, like Create new posts and promote your site’s individual categories & pages, using strategic keywords tailored for each individual post and the page it’s linking to.

List of DoFollow Social Networking Sites

What to do with them?: Add your sites and socially promote them by complementing others, and asking them to take a look at your site. Politely leave your link in their comment area (at your own discretion, this is typcially seen as spam). These sites involve the most time out of your daily schedule.

List of DoFollow Community-Ranked Article Submission Sites

What to do with them?: Submit your blog with a brief review. Use an interesting title that will stand out from the others. Do NOT sound like a salesman! Give a “short but sweet”, yet engaging description! With these services, other people can rate/rank your article.

List of DoFollow Article Submission Sites

Much like the category above, you can submit articles here, but they are not voted on by the public. Write and submit a quality article…but don’t duplicate your other(s)

List of DoFollow Social Portal Sites

What to do with them?: Create pages with strategic page names and titles. Point them to corresponding pages on your web site. Use strategic keywords, make things interesting, and promote each page as if they were individual web sites. Add them to related groups, if the sites have this feature. Work up the page rank.

List of DoFollow Social Bookmarking Sites

What to do with them?: Bookmark your site with a captivating title – they must stand out amongst long lists of other bookmarks! Keywords are everything: use multiple variations of relevant keywords plus misspellings, and keyword strings. Take your time doing this – keywords are everything with social bookmarking sites.

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