Digg iPhone App Updated and Fix Bugs

Digg Iphone App

It hasn’t been long since popular social bookmarking website Digg launched their iPhone application, and already, it’s now updated to version 1.1.0. No new features in this one, but users can expect a series of stability and bug fixes.

Chris Howard, who published a post on Wednesday with regard to the update noted the following as key changes in Digg for iPhone version 1.1.0:

  • Closing the app on a Digg story page doesn’t result in a crash when reopening the app
  • A range of stability improvements allows the app to be used for longer periods without crashing
  • We’ve added an “open in Safari” option for viewing websites from the story pages
  • The app opens on the last page viewed when it was last closed

Howard admits that the application is still known to crash on occasion, and assures that Digg is working on improving the stability even more so for users.

In addition, Howard also noted in his post that is is “working on adding that capability to the Digg API and will include it in the app very soon,” along with other improvements.

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