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Apple Announced iPhone OS 4.0

Iphone OS

Apple announced iPhone OS 4.0 and also make available iPhone OS 4.0 SDK with 1500 new APIs which help out developers to create a variety of amazing apps for the new iPhone OS.
The iPhone OS 4.0 will be shipped for iPhone 3G, 3GS and iPod Touch 2G, 3G in summer whereas iPad users will get this upgrade in fall.

The iPhone OS 4.0 will offer 100 new features in the final release but here are the most anticipated seven iPhone OS 4.0 features which are revealed by Steve Jobs at iPhone OS 4.0 launch event.

iPhone OS 4.0 Features:


The most demanding feature multitasking is now the part of iPhone OS 4.0 and it will allow tasks to run in background simultaneously while preserving device battery life.


Allows to manage 2,160 apps collectively and also make possible to just drag & drop apps to folders for quick organization.

Enhanced Mail

This unifies all mail accounts of a user to a single interface and make possible to switch between multiple in-boxes more efficiently.


This feature is first introduced in iPad and now this is the part of iPhone OS 4.0. It gives a way to access e-books online from iBookstore. It allows users to view sample pages of books before purchase, buy, download, and also give access to read free e-books.


Really nice features are included for business as better data protection, Exchange Server 2010 support, and security.

Game Center

Game center will be a web-based gaming platform which will allow users to play games, invite friends to play online multi-player games, keep track achievements, check and compare higher scores etc.


This is the mobile advertising platform by Apple which will be a great source for advertisers, and developers to implement advertising besides apps to target consumers.

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