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WordPress Goes Real-Time With PubSubHubbub – WordPress Plugins

PubSubHubbub Wp Plugin 10.5 million blogs are about to get a whole lot more real-time, thanks to a new behind-the-scenes development.

The WordPress team has announced in a blog post that the company has turned on support for PubSubHubbub (try saying that fast five times), a move that will get blog content to RSS services (such as Google Reader and Bloglines) much more quickly.

Essentially it’s a way for hosted WordPress blogs to “push” content out as it’s published to the services, rather than waiting for the services to check in for new posts. It’s live now for blogs, while self-hosted blogs can go real-time with this plugin.

PubHubSubbub, or PuSH, is demoed nicely in the “cheesy” video (that’s WordPress’ choice of word, not ours) below. However those of you who want to find out more about the new protocol can do so over at the PuSH project site.

Download WordPress PubSubHubbub Plugin

via Mashable
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