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Twitter App for BlackBerry Not Coming on March 31

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Last week, KarachiCorner Blog reported that at the international Cellular Telephone Industries Association [CTIA] Wireless 2010 convention in Las Vegas, the Research In Motion team said that the Twitter app for BlackBerry was going to be released as soon as this Wednesday, March 31. Unfortunately, that’s not the case anymore. RIM contacted the folks at CrackBerry to state that the announcement at CTIA was a premature one. The Twitter app for BlackBerry is not going to be rolled out this Wednesday, or for that matter, any time soon.

Here’s the statement sent by Research In Motion:

“The March 31st launch date for the public beta of Twitter was prematurely shared at CTIA. The application will not leave its current limited beta in March. As of right now, the launch date hasn’t been decided and the team is working to make sure the next release is feature-rich and has a great user experience before opening the app to everyone.”

As you can see, the team has not even determined a release date. The bright side is that the team is putting the extra time to good use by improving the application even more. We will let you know as soon as we find out a definitive launch date. Although not said in the statement, let’s assume that RIM is sorry for getting your hopes up.

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