Google Mobile App for BlackBerry Storms

Google Blackberry App

Google announced yesterday on its Official Google Mobile Blog the introduction of a new Google Mobile application specifically designed for the BlackBerry Storm and Storm2. Although there has been a Google Mobile app for BlackBerry smartphones with physical QWERTY keyboards for a while now, the story has been the complete opposite for their touchscreen counterpart ever since the original BlackBerry Storm 9530 was launched more than a year ago. BlackBerry Storm and Storm2 were forced to use the Google website for mobile instead.

Thankfully, Google has taken into account the needs of those who own a BlackBerry Storm and Storm2, including myself. The new Google Mobile app has been optimized for both touchscreen smartphones with the addition of features such as search by voice, which allows users to make a search by speaking their query by holding the green call button rather than typing it. The feature is currently available in English, Japanese, and Mandarin Chinese only.

Additionally, the application allows users to search for their BlackBerry email and contacts by searching the name of the person who sent the message, or a phrase within the email. The feature is opt in, and can be turned off anytime from the ‘Options’ screen. Do bear in mind that the application does not store or send any data about your emails and/or contacts.

Google Mobile App for BlackBerry Storms also includes other minor features such as Google Suggest and search history along with the ability to link to Google Maps and Gmail. The application is available now in seven different languages in more than twenty countries, and can be downloaded over-the-air by visiting on your BlackBerry Browser.

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