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Google New Extension Gallery for Google Wave

Google Wave

Google has started rolling out a new Extension Gallery specifically for Google Wave. The announcement was made this morning on the official Google Wave Developer Blog. This is great news for devoted Google Wave users, who will now have the chance to install new useful extensions to their account created by developers using the Google Wave API. The new Extension Gallery can be found in the Navigation panel on Google Wave.

There’s already around 15 different Extensions that users can take advantage of now, including:

  • Wave Sudoku – Users can play this game in real-time with their contacts.
  • Yellow Highlighter – Allows you to highlight text.
  • Napkin Gadget – A blank canvas for collaborative doodling.
  • Trippy  – Allows users to plan trips.
  • Waffle (Date-Picker Gadget) – Users can plan an event by allowing Wave participants to vote.
  • Yes/No/Maybe Gadget – Useful for conducting a poll.
  • Video Chat Experience – Users can video chat, and use various filters.
  • Phone Conference – Call various friends at once.
  • And More

Users can find instruction on how to install the new extension when opening the first Wave in the new Extensions folder. Also, Google Wave users are encouraged to submit their feedback regarding the new extensions. At the moment, Google has discovered that Waves in the Extensions Gallery won’t change their read/unread status in Google Wave preview. Engineers are currently working to fix that issue.

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