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Comodo Internet Security

Comodo Security Solutions released Comodo Internet Security 4, an all in one security application for your PC. Comodo Internet Security 4 is available as free edition and with some additional features Comodo Internet Security 4 pro is available for $49/year.

Coming to Comodo Internet Security 4 free version , it includes top rated comodo Firewall, Antivirus, Anti-Malware, a memory Firewall to prevent buffer overflow attacks and a defense module to protect critical system files.

The main highlight feature of Comodo Internet Security 4 is it has included Sandboxing technology, which is not available in any current free security solutions. Sandboxing provides an extra layer of protection to your PC by forcing untrusted programs to run in a secured virtual operating environment, so that it can isolate viruses and other malicious software from your PC.

Also Comodo Internet Security 4 provides users to run their choice of software with sanboxing, other than this feature it has improved  some of it’s antivirus engine core modules and you can see more user friendly interface in this version 4.

System Requirements:
Windows 7 / Vista / XP SP2
128 MB RAM / 210 MB hard disk space

Download (offline) Links:
Comodo Internet Security 4 (32 bit)
Comodo Internet Security 4 (64 bit)

via Techno360
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