Digg Launching iPhone App

Digg Iphone App

Digg Launching iPhone app has arrived for free in Apple’s App Store.

The app lists Top, Recent and Upcoming stories in various categories, giving Digg users the ability to vote and view comments on stories. You can also share articles via Twitter , Facebook and e-mail.

Navigation through categories, articles and comments is quite elegant; after I’ve signed in, I’ve dugg and buried articles effortlessly within a minute. There’s also an option to save stories for later reading; it’s a handy option that lets you keep track of your favorite Digg stories on the iPhone.

We haven’t got a specific time as to when the application will go live on the App Store, but according to Mashable, it should be some time later today.

*Mashable Update: The app is not available for everyone yet. We’ve confirmed availability in several most European countries; the app doesn’t seem to be available in the U.S. just yet. You can check whether the app is available in your country here.

via Mashable
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