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Copy and Paste Coming To Windows Phone 7 Later Launch

Windows phone 7

Microsoft has taken a very Apple-esque approach to the development and launch of Windows Phone 7. Now, before anyone tears into me in the comments with some crazy knee-jerk response, think about it for a second. Developed in the utmost of secrecy? Check. Closed-wall app store? Check. Minimalist user interface? Check. Apple also has a tendency to speak out against things that their product doesn’t do (Steve Jobs, January 16th 2008: “People don’t read anymore!” Steve Jobs, January 27th 2010: “Hey guys! Check out the iPad!”), all whilst secretly working on it behind closed doors.

If the latest rumor to come out of Internetsville rings true, it looks like Microsoft is taking the same approach with Copy and Paste in Windows Phone 7.

The release of the first update could contain the feature, and at no cost to the end user. Keep in mind that it took 2 years for copy and paste functionality to hit iPhones worldwide, and at a cost to some users.

You can relax now.

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