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SEO for YouTube Videos: SEO Tips for YouTube

Youtube SEO

If you are frequent user of YouTube for uploading your own videos say tutorials, presentations, how to’s  then you should follow simple steps for search engine optimization (SEO) or search engine targeting. This will help you getting your videos displayed when people will search for terms related with your own video. YouTube is a huge source of traffic for lot many sites and authors who used to upload many videos related to a popular term (keyword). If you want same kind of traffic by showing your own videos on first page of search operation on YouTube then follow the steps mentioned here.

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YouTube’s SEO algorithm

You Tube has a search algorithm that includes the optimization of the following:

  1. title
  2. description
  3. tags
  4. number of views
  5. rating

All of these items can be manipulated by the video owner, as well as the viewing/sharing audience, to determine placement in both YouTube search listings, and carried over to Google’s own universal/blended search listings.

SEO for YouTube Videos

  • Keywords related to your videos should be there in the Title, description, tags of the Video
  • Create own channel and show videos from your channel on your own site
  • Link back to your channel from your site
  • Apply Tags properly by keeping in mind that you are using all the possible keywords
  • Description should be detailed and should have keywords in proper sentence
  • Choose category of video as per the content of that video
  • Check “Share your video with the world” under Privacy options while uploading
  • Ask your friends, subscribers and followers to rate your videos

By doing these simple filling ups, you can actually enhance the reach of your videos and can get more traffic from YouTube. When people search for a particular video on YouTube, the algorithm does try to serve them the best possible result from the server. Based on the YouTube algorithm, it hits the title part of the video and then popularity of the same. It also checks the tags, description of the video as well. If you have populated proper terms in these areas and asked your fellows to rate your videos then that will definitely come in the search results. Try to populate as much info as you can in these boxes to get more traffic for them.

Here are 20 SEO Tips for YouTube that really work:

  • Use YouTube Insight To Measure Your Objectives
  • Perform Keyword Research On Similar Videos
  • Embed URL Links In Your Description
  • Leave Comments on Related Videos
  • Use YouTube Active Sharing
  • Get a Power User To Post Your Video
  • Make Your Video Funny
  • Place Your Website URL Within The Video
  • Get As Many Links to Your Video as You Can, The More the Merrier
  • Embed Your Keywords in The Title, Description, and Tags
  • Submit Video to Social Networking Sites Like Digg and StumbleUpon
  • Place A Link to Your Website In The Description
  • Add Similar Videos to Your Playlist
  • Make an Informative ‘How To’ Video
  • Embed the Video Within Your Website
  • Keep The Video Short
  • Be Patient
  • Keep Your Description Length Under 27 Characters
  • Use Feedback on Your Videos to Make Better Ones
  • Submit Your Video To Other Video Sites Like Daily Motion

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