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Download Facebook 1.2 App for Windows Mobile

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Microsoft has released version 1.2 of the Facebook app for Windows Mobile devices. If you launch the Marketplace app, you should get notified. Arne Hess over at The::Unwired also noted that if your Marketplace app has updated itself, you will be able to install it to your storage card if desired. My client hasn’t done that yet though – I am on Verizon so it may be a carrier issue. I did get the Facebook 1.2 notice though, so it resides in my main memory.

The site states that the version of this application is 1.2 whereas many users disagree. Personally I do not much mind the version discrepancy as long as the functions are all there and being executed flawlessly.


With this application Windows Mobile users can conveniently do most Facebook tasks including sending messages, shooting pictures and videos from their phone and uploading them to Facebook directly, calling the numbers in the Facebook phonebook, and managing profile details.

Facebook for Windows

Users are particularly happy about an improvement over the previous version; according to this improvement Windows Mobile users can view all the LIKES and comments to certain post and not just the most recent ones.

Some features of Facebook 1.2 for Windows Mobile are as follows:

  • Send messages to people who are in your Friends list
  • Upload photos and videos to Facebook which are taken by your mobile
  • Make calls to people directly from your Friends list
  • Manage profile and post anytime, anywhere

Download Facebook 1.2 for Windows Mobile

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