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Palm Pre and Palm Pixi App Catalog have Over 1200 Apps

App Catalog

In 2009 we were celebrating a little over 1100 applications on the official App Catalog. Now we are happy to announce that Palm Pre and Pixi owners have more then 1200 applications available for their webOS devices at this moment, with more on the way of course.

And just in case you have not noticed, Palm is bringing new applications to the App Catalog almost on a daily basis, we are just posting every time there’s an increase of 100 or so apps in it. There are also many applications getting updates, so in case you have many apps on your webOS device, I recommend you hit your updates icon often.

As you can see on the image above, today we even got a free 3D game demo of Asphalt 5 on the App Catalog. As soon as I download it and play with it I will let you know more on that game. So go on and hit the App Catalog icon on your Palm Pre or Pixi and check the latest apps on there.

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