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iPhone physical gets Qwerty keyboard

iPhone Physical Keyboard

The AppleĀ iPhone has got a full size physical qwerty keyboard thanks to a new accessory fromĀ Ion.

ION, the company that normally makes LP turntables that let you digitize your record collection have turned their efforts to a new accessory that gives you the power to type considerably quicker than using the on-screen offering.

The catch, there is always a catch, is that you’ll only be able to type into the accompanying (free) app that is downloadable from the App Store.

Once you’ve typed your prose you can then have it sent to email, or other applications. Annoyingly you aren’t able to use it with applications directly due to the iPhone’s inability to be able to multi-task.

According to iType, the rather ugly and cheap looking keyboard is designed to appeal to PC users who might not be ready for a “Chiclet” keyboard offering (where the keys have gaps between them) usually found on Apple’s range of MacBook and MacBook Pro lineups.

“For years, travelers have wanted to find a way to get out of the office or away from home without having to carry a heavy laptop computer,” said Gregg Stein, Managing Director, ION. “iTYPE converts iPhone into the first truly complete travel-computing solution.”

The iTYPE will be available from Q2 2010 and cost around $60.

iPhone Ion keyboard
iPhone Keyboard
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